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3 Common Symptoms Of Heater Failure
That You Should Pay Attention To

Inability To Turn Cold Water Hot
If there is a shortage of enough hot water, your water heater may not be functioning properly. Usually, water heater stores 30 to 50 gallon of water in the tank. When the water is heated by an electric source, minerals that are a composition of the water gets separated and will settle at the bottom of the tank. Gradually, the deposits of the minerals would build up in the tank. This is commonly the issue as barrier is created between the heat source and the water and the water less warm as less heat is transferred to the water inside the tank.
Continuous Creaking Noise Coming From The Water Heater
Do you hear funny noises that comes from your toilet every time your water heater in operational? This particular thing is also a sign that your water heater is failing. Usually these noises could be caused by the minerals that have been building up over time. These minerals form a layer on the surface of the water heater that contain pockets of air. When water is heated, these pockets of air would boil with the water inside your water heater tank.
Water That Is Cloudy Or Contains Rust
Yes, you know where we are heading. If your water is cloudy or has a metallic scent or taste, it is likely that your water heater is failing. Mineral deposits that are finer in size can come out from the water heater which can cause murky water to be expelled from your tap. If the murky water has a metallic odor too, it could mean that your water heater tank or piping system is already rusty and needs an immediate mix. Failure to do so could potentially cause accelerated damage to your water heater (in the form of leakage) or piping system.

We Advice You To Repair Heater 
Due To The Following 3 Reasons:

Leaking Of The Water Tank
If the build-up of the sediments is left unchecked, there is a high likelihood that the surface of the tank might be damage when the water is heated. Corrosion on the surface of the tank might eventually lead to leakage and once your water heater leaks, it is an obvious sign that your water heater needs replacement which usually will incur a greater cost.
Unhygienic Piping System
If rust continues to buildup and flow out from your taps or shower head, it may dirty the piping system to a great extent. This is because the rust and sediment might also deposit in the nooks and cranny of the pipes. As a result, if your water heater is not repaired immediately, it may be the case that other plumbing system in your house could be at risk too.
Failure Of Pressure Relieve Valve
Temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve is an important component that allows water to come out from the water tank when the water pressure and temperature builds up to a dangerously high point. It is a safety measure that allows water heater to function well. However, a significant build-up of sediment may cause the TPR to freeze and fail to do its job. Although this does not happen that often, a failure of TPR can have severe consequences of water tank burst and explosion. By then, the entire repair cost of the appliance would have been extraordinary.

3 Simple Ways You
 Could Do To Avoid Expensive Repair Fees

Periodically Flush The Water Heater
It is widely advisable to flush the water heater tank every six months to remove sediments that are building up over time. And obviously this is not something that is particularly difficult but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars of repair charges in the future.
Keep In Mind The Age Of The Water Heater
The age of water heater is another consideration that you have to bear in mind. Most water heater manufacturers produce water heaters that usually have the life expectancy of eight to twelve years. Replacing a unit when the water heater is considered “old” enough is surely a great idea for the damage of these appliances can be extensive. Doing this with the best Singapore plumbers is an even better idea such that advice on installation could be made effectively.
If Necessary, Get Your Appliance Covered
There are services you could consider that covers the repair fee of an appliance should the appliance break down. All you need to do is pay a monthly minimal fee to get your appliance covered. If there is a technical issue that your water heater has, the repair fee of your water heater could be significantly less.

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We have professional and experienced that have worked on and solved a variety of water heater appliance damage before. Republic Plumbers services always ensure quality and safety because our plumbers are BCA licensed and extensively trained. Also, you can trust that we will give you honest diagnosis and service fee (if necessary) once you have requested for our services.
We Are Available Around The Clock
We are here for you 24/7. Our team of customer service is always on the line to listen to your needs and attend to your needs where necessary. Whether it is 3 am on a Saturday morning or it is the public holiday, we will always have a team ready to hear you out.
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Our services come with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. Should the problem recur within 15 days of our services, we would redo our services for you, free of charge until our client is satisfied.


Do you hire plumbers now?
For sure, we do. Please contact us via email and phone. You have to go through a rigorous process of testing and training before we can hire you. As a result, be prepared with the rigor.
Can I ask you for any advice on heater installation?
We do advise clients for free especially on the choice of heaters and sinks. We understand that professional guidance in choosing the right option for your house is essential.
Do you serve condominiums?
We serve all kinds of properties in Singapore. Rest assure that we can deal with all sorts of plumbing problems in Singapore. Just call us, and we will sort it out for you.
How is your price determined?
We decide our pricing based on the difficulties and the amount of time that our plumbers have in order to solve your plumbing problems nicely. We ensure that we offer the best price in the market.

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