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What Is A Heater

As most people are aware of, a heater is a piece of equipment in a household to heat up things. It can be used to heat up the air as in many old countries. However, in Singapore, a heater is used primarily for heating water. In general, due to the tropical climate of Singapore, heaters have a slightly different functionality compared to those countries with temperate and colder climate.

A heater usually contains a boiler that serves to provide the heat using natural gas or electricity or even solar power. Furthermore, a somewhat complicated piping system is needed to deliver the hot water to the specified locations in the household. Lastly, the safety measure is required to ensure that the heat does not damage any users in the home.

Why Do You Need A Heater?

In a lot of old countries, the heater is especially essential, because, in the winter's extreme low temperature, the heater is essential to provide the necessary heat for residents inside any building. Nonetheless, in Singapore, because of the perennial summer and high temperature, the heater is not going to be used as often as in countries with cold weather. Still, heaters can be very important for water heating in Singapore. In fact most people in Singapore prefer to shower with warm water instead of cold one. As a result, every household and also in some offices need heaters for showering and cleaning purposes. To wash oneself in the cold water even in such a hot country like Singapore is not an enjoyable experience. And a functional heater is thus essential to provide the enjoyment to people. Should the water heater shows signs of damage or wear and tear, water heater replacement might be essential from time to time. This is to avoid safety hazards or damage of other appliances due to water heater failure.

How We Choose The Heater For You?

Inspection Of The Safety Measures
Although most heaters on the market now are relatively safe, it is still essential to ensure that you do not purchase heaters from unbranded vendors that may not provide the essential safety
precautions. In that sense, we will recommend going for branded items that has the reputation for manufacturing durable and effective water heaters.
Extent Of Warranty
Heaters break down can be incredibly annoying and expensive to repair. We would make sure that you choose a heater with an extended warranty attached so that you do not need to worry so much about the repair aspect of the heaters after you purchase (for some period).
Energy Saving Heaters
Energy saving is very important for all household appliances. Energy saving helps with global warming. Given the current condition of the world, every citizen should be committed to reducing our carbon footprints. Furthermore, an energy saving heater can reduce the variable cost of running the heater. The saved electricity or gas over time can accrue to quite a considerable amount of money savings for us. As a result, take care of the energy-saving aspect of the heater is thus essential.

Our Value-Proposition For Heater Installation

We Provide The Most Professional Service
Our technicians provide the best Singapore plumbing services. Trained and certified by the government, our technicians are trust-worthy and experienced to deal with all sorts of plumbing installation issues. As a result, they can bring you a worry-free installation experience
We Offer The Best Price
Given our sheer size and marketing philosophy, we aim to provide the cheapest option to our customers. We go for low margin and high volume to get a living in the competitive plumbing space because we believe that the customers are what keep us moving on.
We Provide Excellent Customer Support
Water heater installation can spoil easily. As a result, only professional plumbing companies who are confident with our skills can guarantee that our workmanship is good.


Can you ensure punctuality?
We do our best to ensure that our plumbers are punctual. We understand that punctuality can be an issue in the plumbing industry, because of a lot of emergency calls and tasks.
Why does my plumbing system always have problems?
An old plumbing system does give a lot of problems to its users. Our plumbers will try our best to identify the root problem and do not just stop on the surface of things. We ensure that our services will allow our clients to avoid the same problem as much as possible in the future.
Do you advise on the household purchase of heaters?
We do advise what kind of sinks are most suitable for our clients, but ultimately, the fashion and design rest on our clients' taste.
What is your opening hours?
We literally open all the time and all year round. We ensure that we have non-stop services to all our clients.

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