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Three Types of Heaters

Storage Tank Heater
Storage tank heater is the most conventional type of heater. As the name suggests, it has a water tank to store hot water. As a result, all the water is pre-heated before anybody uses it. When you turn on the tap, the water comes from the tank. Furthermore, usually, such storage tank heater tracks the temperature and pressure of the water tank closely. If the pressure or temperature is too high, there is a pressure relief system to allow hot air to escape. This type of heater is the cheapest in the market. However, there are two setbacks to this type of heater. Firstly, it is not energy efficient, because a significant amount of energy is needed to maintain hot water temperature to ensure ready usage. This inefficiency can lead to costly bills. Secondly, a storage tank heater may not have enough hot water for a big family. If your family needs high water usage for a short period, a tank that is not big enough may not be able to deliver this amount of hot water storage. As a result, usually, if you have a big family, we will recommend a tankless heater.
Tankless Heater
A tankless heater, as its name suggests, has no tank. As a result, it requires a very high power stream of heat to heat up the water stream as the water flows. We call this on-demand heating because it heats up the water when the user needs the heat. Most of the time, you need natural gas to power this tankless heater. Since most families in Singapore have access to natural gas, the availability of the fuel should not be a big worry for most families. A tankless heater is more energy efficient since it loses less energy to its surrounding than a conventional storage tank heater. Nonetheless, a tankless heater usually requires a substantial first-time investment. Despite its formidable installation cost, most families in Singapore are using tankless heater now, because it is more convenient than the conventional type.
Solar Heater
The solar heater is a relatively newer concept than the tankless heater and the conventional storage tank heater. Thanks to global warming and better environmental education in Singapore, more and more citizens start to be concerned about the environment. As a result, more and more families begin to use the solar heater in their homes. The solar heater is the most expensive heaters out of the three heaters that we introduce here. However, despite its high fixed cost, the variable cost is almost zero. Since you just need to mount a solar panel on the roof and wait for the sun to heat up your water. Usually, solar heaters have a big water tank to store enough water. Although Singapore, situated in the tropical area, enjoys a lot of sunshine, nonetheless, solar heaters may face problems when there is constant rain in Singapore over a few days. As a result, some solar heaters are coupled with a smaller tankless heater or conventional storage heater device to ensure that we can enjoy the hot water at all time of the year.

Why Might Your Heaters Spoil?

Depreciation Over Time
A heater can last around ten years. Over the years, heaters may spoil just by depreciation. Sometimes, depreciation causes the rusty metal in the heater system. Or sometimes, the heating device is spoilt. There is no clear rule which part of the heaters will spoil first over time. Nonetheless, if we see a heater that has functioned perfectly well for over ten years, it is uncommon for the heater to spoil just by depreciation suddenly.
Clogging Of Filters
There may a few layers of filters in a heater system. Such filters function as a filter of air to allow proper air flow and the normal function of the entire system. Over time, there may be dust collecting on the filters and thus prevent them from functioning properly.
Blown Fuse
Heaters can be a very energy hungry beast in the house. They require very high electric energy to operate in general. As a result, it is not uncommon to see blown a fuse when heaters are turned on. Such fuse is a measure of self-protection to make sure that no electric shock will happen in the house.

What Can We Do With Heaters?

Heater Installation
Heater installation in all kinds of houses is not a problem at all for us. from HDB to condominium to landed properties, our experienced and professional plumbers provide the best water heater installation service in Singapore. A sound installation process reduces the chance of problems significantly over the future.
Heater Repairing
We provide the best water heater repair services across the island. We fix all kinds of heater-related problems, including blown fuses, clogged filters, wear and tear.

Three Reasons Why You Should Call Us

We Have Experienced Plumbers
Our plumbers are certified under BCA (Building and Construction Authority). All of them have years of experience in the industry. As a result, they are most equipped to deal with all sorts of heater-related issues that you may have in your properties.
We Have The Fastest Response
Some of our clients are shocked by the fact that we respond so fast to their requests. Yes, we provide 24/7 plumbing services in Singapore and our customer support team is always on their toes around the clock, because we know that our clients may face problems at any time and anywhere. We know that by standing up all the time, we provide the best services to our clients.
We Have Solid Track Record
We serve clients across the island in Singapore. We have seen a variety of problems that our clients bring to us. Our solid track record ensures you that we are definitely the best in the market.

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