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Types Of Toilet Bowls

There are pre-dominantly three main types of toilet bowls on the market, although variations around these three types do exist. The images and descriptions provided will allow our readers to identify their own toilet type. Subsequently, they can even assess if their plumbing issues can be resolved with or without professional assistance.
Two-Piece Toilet Bowl
The two-piece toilet is the most common type of toilet bowl in Singapore. It is known for being compact and easy to manage. On the other hand, its large and bulky water tank is sometimes viewed as aesthetically displeasing. Still, it remains the toilet bowl of choice for the majority of Singaporean households
One-Piece Toilet Bowl
The one piece toilet bowl is a slightly more uncommon version of the toilet bowl, usually prevalent in boutique hotels. The water tank for these toilets are usually built into the wall or part of the overall plumbing system. This type of toilet offers more design freedom for interior designers and can be installed with aesthetic appeal in mind. However, these are difficult to install in smaller households such as HDBs, due to the limited space available. For maintenance, one piece toilet bowls are also relatively easy to clean, due to having very little parts..
Squatting Pan
The squatting pan toilet design has largely been phased out of households in Singapore, currently only present in public toilets. The compromise on user experience is the principal cause of this, as customers increasingly value comfort especially in their toilets. Singapore also faces a greying population,with a high proportion of senior citizens, who tend to struggle with squatting pan toilets as well. In other parts of the world however, squatting pan toilets are still commonplace, especially so in developing countries. Maintenance-wise, squatting pans are easy to clean.

Three Kinds Of Floor Drain Traps

Floor Trap
The standard floor trap is commonly found as part of the drainage setup in the shower. It is the type of plastic trap on top of a water hole that prevents hair or dirt from dropping into the plumbing system. This type of trap performs an important function to reduce the likelihood of blockages in the overall plumbing system. 
Gully Trap
The gully trap is used mainly to divide different parts of the sewage system. It usually comes in the form of curved pipes with a bend that is lower than the other two pipes connected to it.  This bend serves the function of keeping the odour gas out of our household. Since most of the repellent odour cannot go through a water body, the lowered bend usually has water collected there. As a result, the odour is prevented from entering to the side of the bent that is towards living spaces.  Hence, the trap ensures that our residence remains fresh-smelling by filtering nasty odours.
Intercepting Trap
An intercepting trap is usually situated between various pipes. They act as a connection between pipes and direct pipe flow. They tend to be located deep within plumbing systems and usually technicians would be required to accurately diagnose any issues with the intercepting trap.

Reasons why your toilet may be faulty

Mechanical Faults
There are numerous types of mechanical faults that can occur to a standard toilet bowl setup. They can range from improper alignment of the parts to even wear and tear of key components of the toilet. Depending on the circumstances, some mechanical faults can be easily rectified without professional assistance, while others which require part replacement, can be expensive and challenging to fix.
Chokes are the most common issue that can crop up in your toilet. There are numerous types of chokes that can happen. Still, a vast majority of them can be solved through mechanical approaches such as sucking. However,  chokes can sometimes happen deep within plumbing systems. Those scenarios would require complete dismantling of the entire plumbing system to be resolved. 
Flushing Mechanism
The flushing mechanism fora toilet tends to be complicated and hard to understand without prior technical knowledge. As such, issues occurring with your flush should only be resolved with professional help.

What We Do With Toilets?

We do toilet installation services in Singapore, including toilet bowls, toilet pipes, etc. We cover almost any parts of the toilet in common households. Our technicians ensure that our installation is the best of class with the greatest attention to details. A good installation will ensure that later problems do not arise easily in your households.
We provide toilet repair services in Singapore for all sorts of toilet problems, including the toilet bowls and any toilet traps. We understand that a spoilt toilet system can be very annoying, and most of the household or office owners require us to perform fast services. As a result, we try our best to accommodate the best, and the fastest services that we can provide. We also help stop toilet leaks, which is another common problem in households too.
Unclog Of Floor Traps
Clogged toilet is a common form of problems in the toilet. As a result, our technicians are very equipped with solving all kinds of choke problems associated with different floor trap chokes. Their experience ensures that they provide the best services to our customers.

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Beyond our experienced plumbers, we provide the best customer support to your clients. Do not hesitate to call us anytime if you have any issue!

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