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When Should You
 Repair Your Toilet - Signs Of Trouble?

Unable To Flush
It is undeniable that if you cannot flush your toilet properly, your toilet requires repair. Furthermore, low flushing power can also be an indicator of a spoilt toilet. Even though a low flushing power may not be an immediate concern, the damage may already be done and is likely to exacerbate soon. As a result, when you observe a notable drop in flushing power of your toilet, do contact your local professional plumbers to fix the problem.
Dirty Float And Flapper
Dirt collected on float and flapper may not be of a big concern to you. However, if the dirt accumulates too much, float and flapper can spoil very easily. Just for your information, the float is the ball-shaped objects floating around in the water tank of your toilet. The flapper is a trap that helps to seal the pipes of the water tank.
Toilet Leakage
If your toilet is leaking, it is a bad sign. You should get your toilet repaired immediately. Toilet leakage can be common and not very obvious if you do not observe closely. Such leakage can worsen quickly. If you do not take action now, the situation can exacerbate very soon.

Why You Should Never Wait To Fix Your Toilet Immediately

Water Wastage
Clearly, if your water tank of the toilet is leaking water, the water wastage can be insane. Sometimes, dripping water may not seem a bit deal in a short period, but accumulative water wastage can be very significant. Furthermore, if the problem worsens, the water wastage can increase drastically. If you care about the environment, you should let your water go wasted. Even if you are not very environmental-friendly yourself, you should still care about your house's water bill. As a result, do not let your toilet problem persist, get it fixed right now.
If dirt keeps collecting in your toilet, it can be very unhealthy as well. Wet environment leads to germ growth. You do not want that to happen in your house. Furthermore, leaking water can also lead to pest infestation such as mosquitos, cockroaches, and mice. All these are vectors that can lead to the spread of diseases.
Unusable Toilets
If you cannot use your toilet, then there is an enormous burden to your entire lifestyle. Furthermore, even a small problem, like weakened flushing power, can lead to a significant problem like the breakdown of the toilet very soon. As such, do get your toilet fixed as early as possible.

Here's How We Fix Your Toilet

Inspection Of Parts And Diagnosis
Since toilet is a somewhat complicated system, our Singapore plumbers need to inspect the entire toilet thoroughly first. Our experienced plumbers are well trained and professional in dealing with all kinds of toilet problems. They will make the right diagnosis after inspection to identify the source of the problem. Once the source is identified, we can then move on to suggest the best kind of solutions to you, our clients.
Testing And Adjusting Parts
We will be testing and adjust certain parts of the toilet to see whether a minor adjustment can fix the problem. We always aim to help our clients save money and find the least troublesome solutions for our clients. As a result, we aim to make minor adjustments if possible. For example, we may tighten certain parts of the system, change the pressure in certain parts of the plumbing system or make minor changes to the float. All such actions are inexpensive, although they may not solve the problems permanently.
Installation Or Replacement
To solve the problem permanently, we may need to replace certain parts of the toilet, or simply install a new one. This happens pretty often with very old toilet sets. Good installation and replacement are required so that problems in the future do not arise anymore. A good and professional plumber ensures that installation and replacement works are done with the highest workmanship. We can thus guarantee that our installation and replacement are the best in the market.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Republic Plumber

Our Plumbers Are Very Well Trained
They are also certified by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of the Singapore government. As a result, they are more than qualified to solve any problem associated with your toilet at any time. We have strong faith in them to assist you in the best manner.
We Respond Really Swiftly
We have the best response system and customer support team in house. We aim to give you a non-stop service 24/7 at anytime anywhere. Some plumbers only do certain parts of Singapore. Nonetheless, our sheer customer base and team base allow us to tackle problems all over Singapore. As a result, do not hestitate to contact us at any time to request for a solution. We are glad to provide you one at any time.
We Provide The Best Quality Advice
In terms of toilet installation and replacement, clients need the best advice possible from plumbing experts. Some plumbing companies are too money-minded in the market. As a result, they only think of how to make the most out of their clients once. However, we aim to establish long-term relationship with our clients. We aim to provide the best advice to our clients even if the advice does not generate the biggest profit for us. We believe that our good quality service will let clients come back again or advertise to their friends through word of mouth.


What if I am not satisfied with your services?
Let our customer support know immediately. We will attend your dissatisfactions quickly and solve any problems that you have immediately.
Do you offer electrician services?
At the moment we do not offer electrician services. We only venture into a trade if we are very confident that we can deliver the best services to our clients. We are working on this aspect and will update all our customers as soon as possible.
Why is your name "Republic"?
We call ourselves Republic because we believe that we are here to serve all clients in the entire island of Singapore. We aim to be the best in this country regarding service quality and delivery.
Do you serve the entire island?
For sure, we do. Just let us know where you are. We will attend to you immediately.
Do you have overseas operations?
I am very sorry to say that for now, we do not have any overseas operations yet.
I am very satisfied with your services. Can I leave a testimonial?
Sure. Please contact our customer support or email us. We are very happy that you are satisfied with our services.

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