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Why Does Your Toilet Leak?

Leaking Supply Line
It is clear that toilet is not the only possible cause of leakage. When you are suspicious of a toilet leakage, we also need to make sure that the leakage does not come from other parts of the entire plumbing system, for example, the supply line. Surprisingly, the supply line can be the most common type of toilet leakage that we see by our experience. The supply line refers to the part that provides water to the toilet. A lot of time, such supply line is vulnerable to depreciation, and thus may lead to leakage over time.
Broken Toilet Tank
The toilet tank may be leaking. Since the toilet tank is the part with the most water accumulated, it is very vulnerable to be spoilt. Furthermore, there are many connecting parts on the toilet tank, making it even more prone to small errors. Once we are sure that the water leakage does not come from the supply line, usually we suspect that the toilet tank is the cause of the leakage.
Faulty Connections
Lastly, we will check whether the leakage comes from any faulty connection. Such check can be time-consuming since there are many connections usually in a toilet system. Any loose links may lead to leakage. As a result, you need a professional, experienced and detail-oriented plumbers to handle such inspections.

Why Should A Choke Be Fixed As Soon As Possible?

Increase In Water Bill
Leakage can lead a massive amount of water wastage. Sometimes the vast amount of water is not even visible to the human eyes. As a result, with water wastage, you need to pay a higher amount of water bill every month. The increase in the cost of water bill definitely justifies the plumbing fix price most of the time.
Damaged Flooring
A leaking toilet may lead to the damaged floor. Although the flooring in a toilet tends to be tiles or marble which are less prone to water damage than floorings like carpet or wood, nonetheless, long exposure to water by such floorings can also lead to damage. For example, tile floorings may see tiles break apart due to water pressure. Marble floor may see a deep crack or a deep stain forming up underneath that are very hard to remove.
Further Damage To Entire Toilet System
If you do not fix the leaking toilet now, there may be an increased likelihood of further damage to the entire toilet system later. An unstable water pressure thanks to the leakage may lead to problems of various connections in the toilet system or even the water tank of the toilet. As a result, it is highly advised to get your toilet fixed once you detect any sign of leakage.

How Can We Fix It?

Detection And Testing
First, we need to detect which part of the toilet system is broken or leaking. Our experienced plumbers are good at searching for and detecting the source of leakage gradually. Furthermore, they have special tools to assist them, such as a type of chemical that can trace the water leakage source.
Repair Or Adjustment
Once we identify the source of the problem, we will then move on to repair or adjust the toilet parts to try to fix it. A lot of times, small adjustments and repair can solve the problem if the leakage is not serious. However, sometimes such measure s is not enough to solve the whole problem. Still, , minor adjustment or repair cost relatively less than replacement of the whole part. Asa result, usually, we pursue this measure before we move on to the next measure -- replacement of the entire toilet.
Replacement Or Installation
In fact, sometimes you do not need to do the replacement. However, to solve the problem completely, especially for toilet system that lasted for more than ten years, we recoomend our users to replace the entire toilet system if a serious problem arises. This is because a small or minor adjustment or repair may not solve the whole problem. Similar problems may arse again in months of even days. Thus some upfront investment to replace the entire toilet can be a good measure.

Three Reasons Why Us

Safest Operations
You can be surprised that a safe operation to the toilet system is critical. Since the water pressure tends to be pretty high in the toilet system, any actions taken to that must be carefully monitored. Our plumbers are experienced to handle all sorts of problems, and they will ensure the safety and integrity of your properties.
Best Plumbers In Singapore
Our plumbers are surely the best in Singapore. They are certified under the BCA (Building and Construction Authority), and they are very experienced and reachable at all times. You can always trust them to provide you with the best advice to handle all of your problems.
We Ensure Quality
We ensure that our plumbing operations are of the highest quality. As a result, we can provide you with a 15 guarantee to solve your problem. If any of the old problems arise again within 15 days, we will come back to fix them free of charge for you. This is because even if you need emergency plumbers, we are confident that we can bring to you the very best quality in all of our services.

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