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We provide simple a step-by-step guide to install your own toilet-bowl. We are dedicated to provide you with resourceful services meaning that you could find a plumbing solution on your own just by reading our web page articles. Should you have any queries, you are more than welcome to call us for free consultation.

Getting The Correct Measurement

You must ensure that your new toilet-bowl will fit into the space of your old toilet-bowl. Use a measuring tape to measure the length between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the bolts (the ones that keep the toilet in place) that are nearest to the wall.In smaller washrooms, take measurement of the sides of the flange bolts to the nearest objects beside. It is best to avoid the problem of not having enough space to wedge your brand new toilet-bowl in place.

Purchasing The Right Toilet-Bowl

Most people purchase both a bowl and a tank instead of the more-pricy one-piece toilet-bowl. As both of them comes separately, our customer service is ready 24/7 to make sure that you have matching components.If you also wish to replace the supply line, we recommend you to purchase the flexible ones that are wrapped in stainless-steel. They are more durable than plastic supply lines in general.‍

Removing The Old Toilet

1. Make sure that the water supply is turned off. You should find water supply valve on the left side of the tank.
2. Drain out the water by flushing and by using a sponge or small cup
3. Detach the supply line from the bowl if you wish to use it again. Otherwise, you could remove it from the supply valve altogether.
4. Take out the lid of the tank and secure it flat on the ground.
5. Take out the tank from the toilet-bowl. This can be done by unscrewing the bolt that is wedged near the center of the bowl, where it contacts with the tank.
6. Take out the bolt caps from the bottom of the toilet-bowl. Subsequently, remove the closet bolts.
7. Do make use of a putty knife to scrape off putty on the base of the toilet-bowl.
8. Make sure the mounting surface is clean and level before installing your new toilet.

Installing A New Toilet

‍‍‍We recommend you to assemble the toilet first before installing as it is usually more convenient. Usually, toilet suppliers sell toilet-bowls that include all relevant hardware and already put the fill-kit in place. One common advice is to never over-tighten the nuts. Doing this might damage the porcelain.
1. Getting the flange ready. Use a putty knife to scrape off the remaining wax gasket from the floor flange. Remember to check that the flange is not damaged. Otherwise, do contact us for our repair services.
2. You are now ready to install a new wax seal. Fix the new closet bolts in their slots on the flange.
3. With caution, place the assembled toilet onto the flange. Ensure that all closet bolts nicely go through the holes on the base of the toilet bowl.
4. Secure and wedge the toilet-bowl with the mounting bolts. Again, remember to not over-tighten the bolts.

After connecting your toilet-bowl to the supply line, your toilet is now ready for usage, congratulations! Installing a toilet is much simpler than most people would have imagined. Having said that, we do recommend you to engage with us should you encounter doubts in the process of installing the toilet. We would be happy to consult you free of charge. Should you require further services, our hassle free republic plumbers are always available to resolve any issue you encounter. We are here for you, 24/7.

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