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What Is A Toilet Bowl Choke?

You are currently at home, sitting on the toilet bowl. You attempt to flush the bowl, but you realize that the flush is weak, or that the flushing is as per normal, but the water level in the bowl keeps rising. Either of these two situations are alarms that you are encountering a toilet bowl choke. Such situations are not tough to remedy, but there are some things to be kept in mind when considering the next course of action when facing a toilet bowl choke before calling recommended plumbers in Singapore.

Why Does Your Toilet Bowl Choke?

Flushing Of Foreign Items
Toilet bowls are only meant for toilet rolls and human waste. Reckless flushing of any other items down the toilet bowl may potentially result in chokes as, to put it simply, larger items will be trapped in the filters installed in the piping. Hence, you should always separate your toilet trash, should there be any, and throw them out in a typical rubbish bin.

Even then, you should not be flushing down large amounts of toilet papers down the toilet bowl, as once again, these may be stuck against the filters installed. Given that it is in large amounts, this may be enough to block out the filter completely. Hence, one good practice that you may endeavor to stick to is to flush frequently when using the toilet bowl.
Weak Flushing Mechanisms
If the velocity of the water being flushed down the drain is too low, it is likely that the objects or toilet paper is not able to be pushed past the filter. Hence, you will once again experience an accumulation of items at various points in the flushing path, due to a lack of a forceful flush. This is again one reason why toilet bowls choke frequently.

One of many reasons is that the toilet bowl flapper is not working properly. The flapper is the part that releases upon a flush to push all the water in the tank down into the bowl to generate the flushing for the removal of waste and toilet paper from the bowl. If the flapper does not release itself fully, the water released down into the bowl is low in volume, hence the impression of a weak flush.

Why Your Choke Problem Needs Immediate Attention?

Damage To Your Property
One key sign of a choked toilet bowl is that the water is not drainable from the bowl. Most likely, the next unsuspecting user will flush the toilet bowl. What happens next is that all the water from the tank will be released into the bowl and creates an overflow. The water, unsanitary as it is, will leak all over the floor and parquets. In worse situations, the water may leak out to the floors outside as well.

This is especially dangerous if your floor is either made of wood or marble, as prolonged exposure to water can leave extensive damage or marks on such materials.
Wastage Of Water
In the case of a faulty flapper, water from the tank is constantly flowing down into the pipes. As such, the tank always has to be drawing water from the valve to keep itself above a certain level. The symptom of a weak flush may actually present itself to be a larger, water wastage problem. This wasted water also adds to your utility bills. In this day, where natural resources are scarce, we should take note on the conservation and thrift use of resources such as water.
Adds To Stress And An Non-Conducive Environment
Working and living environments are very important to any worker or resident respectively. As such, as with any plumbing issue, especially for one that may potentially affect the fixtures in the house, a choked toilet bowl adds worry and uncertainty to the environment. You deserve to be in comfort all the time and having an unsolved problem around disrupts your concentration.

3 Reasons Why Should Call Us

Customer Service Oriented
We do not believe in doing a half-and-half job. We eagerly await any additional requests from you post service, and we believe in delivering an entire service as an experience. With this emphasis, we believe in following up with checks soon after the choke is resolved, to uncover any deeper-rooted issue that may be hidden or not visible to the eye upon initial checks.
All our supreme Republic Plumbers are well-versed in their lines of work. In our candidates, you will see a wealth of aged experienced and are always ready to give advice based on the great variety of situations that they have been through or witnessed. Even before starting work, they have been through some on-the-job training by our supervisors to ensure that quality of service is always up to standard.
Mobile And On Demand
Our handymen team are always contactable around the clock, ready to tackle any problem that is given to them. We are a team that focuses on mobility, as such, on confirmed availability, you may expect them to appear right at your doorstep in a matter of hours. We understand the urgency with which toilet bowl chokes must be solved, and hence we bring speed and finesse in our services.


What makes you trustworthy?
We choose the best plumbers in Singapore, who are certified by the Singapore government. We ensure that our plumbers are super experienced. We have a significant amount of customer base.
How can I contact you?
We receive inquiries online, through phone calls, and emails. We respond to all of them quickly and efficiently. Just click on the button at the top of the page, and we will be there for you.
Do you serve HDBs?
For sure, yes! We have a large number of HDB clients. We respond to their requests promptly, and many times they come back to us again and again if they face problems in the future.
Do you serve us at night?
Absolutely. We think that to serve clients at night is one of the most essential things in the plumbing industry. A lot of problems arise at night and require immediate attention. However, most companies do not function at night time, and we believe that Republic Plumber needs to fill this gap. Hence, do not hesitate to call us even if you have a problem at night time.

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