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Types Of Taps

There are different types of faucets that people in general should really know about. Especially so when your tap is damaged for any reasons imaginable. In the event of tap leakage or burst, it is really crucial for you to inform our support team the correct type that you have so that we can advise you to handle the situation appropriately. The following are the most common taps that are commonly used in household and commercial sites.
One Handle Tap (Monobloc)
One handle tap is a type of faucet with only one handle to control the flow of both cold and warm water. The supplies of cold and warm water are mixed inside the tap but the temperature and flow are actually only controlled by one handle. Twisting up and down adjust the water flow and twisting right and left adjusts the water temperature.
Two Handle
Two handle taps are somewhat similar to pillar taps. Like a monobloc, the water supplies are also mixed inside a water tap. Two handle tap has two different taps that control the flow of cold and warm water each. However, instead of twisting up and down to control the water flow, the handles must be twisted left and right. The water gushes out only from one nozzle and if both handles are twisted, a mix of cold and warm water would flow.
Automatic faucet, as the name suggests, is a faucet that can be switched on using hand gesture. The sensor on the faucet can detect the presence of your hand and switch on the faucet. Usually, you cannot control the water flow of the automatic faucet and the temperature of the water is usually fixed too.

Faucet Mechanisms

Now the previous section contains the easy stuff that if you wash your hands frequently in different places, you should at least have come across one of them and been able to tell the difference. However sometimes if you want to fix a leaky faucet by yourself, knowing the type of faucet is just not enough. What we would like to inform you is the different mechanisms that faucets usually have. The following are the most common mechanisms that faucets have both in households and commercial sites.
Disc Taps
Disc taps are essentially a one handle tap or monobloc that has two ceramic discs inside. Both discs have a hole as a way for the water to flow when both holes are aligned.
Ball Taps
Ball taps are also a variant of a one handle tap but with rounded shapes. Ball taps have a hollow ball which can control water flow and termperature when it is shifted.
Cartridge Taps
Cartridge taps can be both monoblocs or mixers. They contain cartridges that can be moved from left to right to control the temperature. You could also control the strength of water flow by moving it up or down.

Three Reasons Why Your Taps May Become Faulty

Additionally, on top of knowing the types of faucets and their mechanisms, it is also important for you to recognize some common causes why taps may leak or damage. In the event that your tap leaks or is damaged, you will again be able to diagnose the problem rather easily and take the appropriate action to at least prevent the situation from worsening. Plumbing Contractors are not readily available so be sure to have a basic understanding of your faucet problems so that you will not be charged excessively.
Damaged Parts
From our experience, this is by far the most common cause of tap leakage. This is especially so if your tap is leaking non-stop. A continuous drip is already a warning sign for you to replace the washer inside your faucet. If the problem is left untreated, the problem can worsen as the seals may also become damaged. For cartridge taps and ball taps that do not have washers as a component, it is likely that their moving parts are damaged instead. You may check the O rings, inlet or outlet seals for any damages if any when a leak occurs.
Water Pressure
If the dripping or leakage is not consistent, say it happens only during certain periods of the day, it is likely that there is an issue with the water pressure at those juctures where the water leak. It may be the case that the water pressure is too high that causes the water to leak away from your faucet. This problem is particularly not serious because you could opt to limit the force of the water slightly to fix this problem. However, sometimes it is also worthwhile to call a problem in the event that the dripping becomes more frequent when you do not expect so.
Broken Plumbing
A much less common reason for a leaky tap is the spoilt piping system. This particular situation can be diagnosed when cracks below and around the sink are visible. If this is the case, it is almost necessary for you to call a problem to examine the piping system.

Usual Tap Issues For Us

Most certainly, in any case if you are uncomfortable or clueless on how to deal with certain leaky faucet issues, it is definitely worth while to contact us immediately. We provide the most extensive faucet repair services in Singapore. Fix your appliances today and do not regret later when fixing costs become ridiculously high. We believe that we are the right person to deal with your plumbing issues because we have a constant group of customer support that will answer your questions or doubts free of charge. They will also be able to assess whether you actually need a plumber or not.
We can repair all sorts of tap leakage that are caused by damaged parts, broken piping system, irregular water pressure and many more.
Should you require installation of complicated faucet sets, we can also provide you with the highly experienced plumbers to do so. They are well acquainted with very many kinds of faucets and can work efficiently to install your faucets.

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