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Signs Of Tap Leakage

Constant Overnight Dripping
As a significant sign of tap leakage, constant overnight dripping can always cause sleeping residents’ uncontrollable anger. Here are some tips if you find yourself no longer able to bear the never-ending ‘drip, drip, drip’ from your tap.

Find a piece of string which has sufficient length to reach the bottom of the sink. Tie one end to the tap. Then, match the line to the faucet and make sure the water drip downwards along the string. Instead of letting water sink into the piping system, we advise you to put the other end of the string into a basin, to reduce the water wastage caused by the tap leakage. By doing so, you could enjoy a quiet night sleep without disturbance. However, this is only a temporary solution.
Does Not Turn Off Completely
It will be a panicky situation when you turn on the tap with the water running and running but can’t turn it off anymore! You may feel your water bill is rising rapidly while the water from the leaking faucet keeps running in the high speed. You will also have a sense of guilt for all the water wasted.
Visible Leaks From Various Locations Such As Valves Or Bases
It is also highly possible that you find not only your tap dripping but also the valve and base all around.

What To Do If You Encounter A Leaking Tap

Shut Off The Valve
The easiest thing to prevent the water from wasting in vain is to shut off the valve. A very simple method.

Do you manage to find a plug on the pipe below the dripping tap? To stop the water, you could use a screwdriver to turn the valve. If you don't have a screwdriver in your home, just find the nearest stopcock and turn off the supply there. Turn on the tap to make sure no water is coming out before you start to dismantle it!
Clear Items Nearby
To save all your belongings, you have better clear the items nearby as soon as you detect the issue. To place a basin in your sink or any places that are dripping is always a wise choice. You can save water and your furniture at the same time!
Do Not Attempt To Fix Yourself If You Do Not Know Problem
The Household taps that we use can be categorized into four types: compression washer, disk, ball, and cartridge. Because of the different components of each category, cases of tap leakages may have various causes, and they should be solved in different ways, depending on the type of tap you are handling.

Remember the original position if you are trying your best to fix it. Otherwise, the tap leakage may continue bothering you, or even worse, you may destroy your tap!

 It is probably the best for you to call a plumber for help. While some of the tap leakage problems can be dealt with through convenient and straightforward DIY methods, the others may require specialized skills and equipment from a professional plumber.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Contact Us

Our Plumbers Are Well Trained
Republic Plumbing services are carried out by professional experts, some of the best-trained plumbing professionals in Singapore can come to help you.  There's no doubt that we have the abilities to solve your plumbing problems. All our plumbing experts are licensed under BCA (Building and Construction Authority) and are effective and polite in addressing all sorts of leakage-related issues.

For we are confident in our excellent plumbing professionals, we offer the 15 Days guarantees after troubleshooting the leakage tap. If you hear the faucet dripping again in your home within 15 days after service, we will conduct you a free re-service.
Fast Response And Round The Clock Operation
As one of the biggest Singapore plumbing service provider, we promise to offer responsive services to our customers.

Feel free to contact us if you meet tap leakage problems or any other issues in your household plumbing system at any time. Our custom supporting team works for 24/7 and 365 days, and they are willing to help our clients to troubleshoot all the issues.
Affordable Rates
Our strong management team handles all sorts of resource allocation very well. With this industry experience and intelligence, we are able to create a very low cost structure that is extremely competitive without compromising the quality of our delivery.


Why should we trust you?
We have a large customer base across the entire island of Singapore. Our plumbers are trained and then certified by Building and Construction Authority (BCA). They are experienced with all sorts of plumbing problems in Singapore. As a result, rest assured that we are credible and trust-worthy.
Where can we find you?
Just call us, email us or leave us a message on our website. We will respond to you as soon as we can. We stand up 24/7 and 365 days around the clock.
Do you have long-term contracts with companies?
Yes. We serve hotels, companies, and industrial sites. If we have a long-term contract with you, we offer cheap services and fast responses. We are experienced with dealing with corporate clients across Singapore. For corporate clients, please email or leave us a message online about your needs, and we will attend to you shortly.
Do you have handy-man services?
Yes, we also provide handyman services. If you require such services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also package our plumbing services together with the handy-man services at a reduced rate for you. Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients' needs at all time.

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