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Types Of Sink Disrepair

Sink is a home appliance that is arguably one of the most prone to varying types of disrepair. A number of factors can cause a sink to malfunction or to just emit a very unpleasant odor which will cause disturbance to the residence. As an informed resident, you need to know what are the different types so that appropriate action could be taken to avoid any escalation of problem.
Fungi and mildew thrives in a dark environment. The absence of light allows these types of spore to spread like a germ inside the drain of a sink. This type of problem is particularly common if your sink is not washed immediately. However, you could rid mould that is spreading inside your sink drain by pouring vinegar and baking soda into the drain.
Leaking Joint
The sink is connected to the drain system of your home by a p-trap. The p-trap comprises components of curved tubes that are connected by slip nuts. Essentially, the slip nuts hold the tubes one piece and the joint is sealed by a nylon washer to prevent it from leaking. Gradually, this nylon washer might be damaged and causes leakage.
Weak Suction
Weak suction is a super common sink problem. This type of disrepair is simply caused by the draining of bigger object in your home such as bigger chunks of food, etc. Essentially, these products can collect in the drain pipes which causes slowing of suction.

Why You Should Fix Your Sink Disrepair Immediately

Risk of flood
If the mould and objects that disturb the draining of materials in your sink is left uncleared, sooner or later these debris will build up and block the piping system. When this happens, you will not be able to drain water and if you continue to add water without knowing that there is a blockage, flooding might happen.
Expensive repair fees
Again, when the objects are not regularly cleaned and cleared from the sink drainage system, more vulnerable parts of the sink might be damaged due to the build up of the debris. Consequently, you might end up having to call up a plumber to fix or repair the sink system completely which will most likely cost a fortune.
Disruption of daily routine
Without the proper functioning of your sink, it is highly likely that there will be a difficulty for you to do your daily cleaning chores. Therefore, it is always advisable to detect these sink disrepair symptoms earlier. You could save plenty of time and fortune by checking and cleaning to ensure that your sink is clog free.

How We Repair Your Sink

In the event of a very bad sink disrepair or problem that you might encounter, if you do know what types of actions are best taken, be sure to call a plumber for help. Here is how we have a systematic process to deal with virtually any type of sink disrepair and provide an extremely fast plumbing services in Singapore.
Examining The Extent Of The Damage On Parts Of The Sink
Every great repairing process starts with a thorough understanding of the problem. We ensure that we know which parts are damaged and sub-optimal and we make sure that we understand what is the cause for the damage. Knowing these two fundamental facts enable us to take the appropriate repair action for you.
Use Of Tools To Replace The Parts
Our plumbers are equipped with the tools that they are best at using to repair damaged sink. Most commonly, our plumbers would bring along a slip nut, slip nut washer and slip nut wrench to dismantle and clean your faulty nylon washer in the event of a leak. Our plumbers are also knowledgeable on the type of chemicals that should be drained into the sink to exterminate mould.
Installation Of New Sink
Faulty sink can be caused by many things and most of the time if the extent of damage is too overwhelming, we would recommend to replace the sink entirely. This is because the repair fee might be outrageously high compared to simply buying a new sink appliance and having us to change it for you.

Three Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice

Our Plumbers Are Extremely Professional
Republic Plumber dedication allows us to provide the best plumbing services in Singapore island-wide. Our plumbers are well always ready to deal with any type of sink disrepair. They certified by the BCA (Building and Construction Authority). We ensure that we provide quality services to all our customers at all time.
We Are Available All Day All Night
We do not recognize public holidays or weekend. We always provide you with the constant customer support that ensures every customer is served at any time. Should you have any plumbing problem at any time of the day in the year, please reach out to us and we will do our best to attend to your needs.
We Offer Amazingly Low Rates
On top of our excellent services, we also charge you with the most reasonable and honest price possible. The intelligence of our management team makes it possible for us to allocate our resources in the most effective manner. Therefore, we could bring our prices down well below the average market prices.


Can I see what your past clients have said about you?
Sure. Browse through our websites. We have many client testimonials around the website. Our high level of customer satisfaction allows us to collect many of those testimonials.
I have faced many rude plumbers. Are yours better?
We ensure that our plumbers are polite and kind to our customers. If you face any problems with our plumbers in terms of their manners, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. We will ensure that your experinc with us is the most pleasant.
I need an urgent response from you. Can you do that?
We have customer support standby at any time of the day and any date of the year. Rest assured that we can attend to your request at any time. Do not hesitate to give us a call.
Can I bargain?
Our price is already the lowest in the market, and we offer low margin to attract high volume. Most of the time, we do not lower our costs for clients.
How can you differentiate yourself?
We provide a one-stop solution for our clients; we ensure the most affordable pricing for our clients; we guarantee the best service qualities for our clients.
How swift is your service?
Lightning swift. We have 24/7 customer support team that ensures that we respond to any of your questions as fast as we can.

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