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Are You Facing A Sink Choke Issue? What Is It Like?

Standing Water Refusing To Go Down The Drain
Simple enough, when you see that the water from the sink takes a while to go down the drain, it is likely the case that your sink is clogged. The sediments or materials that are causing the choked sink slows down extensively or even stop the draining the water away from the sink.
Unpleasant Odor From Your Drain Even If It Is Clean
If the object that is clogging the sink is made of an organic material, it is possible for the object to decompose and release an unpleasant odor. Even if the sink is clean at the surface level, it is completely possible for the sink to have a bad stench if its clogged.
A Fairly Noticeable Grumbling Noise When You Are Not Draining The Water
Usually, when you are observant to notice this, it might be the case that the water has been drained from the sink at the shallower level of the pipe without a problem. However, as the water is being drained completely from the pipe, it might take a while and the noise that comes out from the piping of the sink might be delayed. If this is the case, the clogged sink might occur at the deeper part of the sink pipe which might cause it to be trickier to solve.

Why You Should Unclog A Choked Sink Immediately

Uncomfortable Life
Yes, your quality of life should be the priority as always. Your home needs to have a properly functioning sink for you to do your cleaning chores. Other than that, draining the water out from the choked sink can be a huge hassle. Rather than doing this for an extended period of time, it is better to solve the root issue immediately and unclog the object that is clogging your sink directly.
If Left Untreated The Problem May Get Worse
The sediments of materials that is causing the clogged sink might be corrosive in nature. If left untreated the sediments that are clogging might cause the piping of the sink to crack causing further problems such as leakage. At the end of the day, instead of unclogging the unwanted material, you may have to replace the entire sink parts, which is definitely going to be costly.
Development Of Pest At Your Home
If your sink is clogged due to food material or any organic material, the water content inside that substance might be the perfect place for pests and other types of water-borne microorganism to flourish. If this happens, you’re your piping system might be at risk of an unclean environment that affects the quality of water flowing from your appliances.

3 Ways We Can Unclog Your Choked Sink

We Have The Special Tool Called Drain Snake To Diagnose The Extent Of Clogging
This instrument is highly flexible that can follow the shape of the sink pipes. With this type of tool, we can immediately diagnose what is the real cause of the clog. Our professional plumbers in Singapore are well accustomed to use a drain snake. Is it a food material in chunk sizes that you drained immediately? or a built-up sediment over time? This instrument will tell.
We Also Use A Specialized Plunger
The plunger helps to loosen the type. Our plunger is a high quality built one that is designed to loosen the pipe without incurring damage. This is a simple way of unclogging the drain especially if the material that is clogging is not too clunky in size.
We Also Provide The Complete Package Of Cleaning The Drain
After the plumbing work is done, we do not settle by just unclogging your sink. We will also clean it using our trusted brand of drain cleaner. The substance that we use to clean the sink contains just the right amount of sodium hydroxide (a strong alkaline that dissolves in water) to remove all sorts of stain and chemical built-up that has been contributing to the clog of your sink.

Three Reasons Why Us

We Have The Best Plumbers
It is true that choked sink is usually not a serious problem. However, there are cases that the choked sink was really bad that plumbers without the technical know-how tried to immediately use the plunger to unclog the sink (as reported by our client in the past). What we make sure is that we understand the problem well before taking the necessary action. This will ensure the most effective solution brought to you possible. Besides, our plumbers are certified with Building Construction Authority (BCA) certificate which highly enhances their credibility in assessing plumbing problems.
Our Response Time Is Incredibly Swift
We have a dedicated 24/7 plumbing customer support that will settle your issues immediately. This team of committed staff members will guide you the best way possible to deal with choked sink or any plumbing issues that you might need.
We Have Guarantees
We are committed to ensure that we always have satisfied clients. Our service comes with a 15-day guarantee. In the unlikely event that we fail to deliver quality service, we are still committed to redo the unclogging of the sink free of charge for you.

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