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Types Of Sinks

Sinks are a staple of houses across Singapore. Very rarely are there houses with no provisions for a sink, as it is a necessity either in the toilet or in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, all houses have at least 2 sinks. Sinks play a huge part in the drainage of waste from the house, and is therefore indispensable to all households, shown in the fact that there are at least 2 sinks situated in every house. The statistics speak for themselves.

Types Of Sinks

The Top Mount
Simply put, this means that the sink is “mounted” on “top” of the countertop. Visually, the sink is merely on top of the countertop. Such a structure for the sink means a few things. The top mount is rather easy to install. Because all you need is a hole in the countertop material and to place the sink into this hole, material costs for the installation is not high. As such, for the cash-strapped group who are moving into new flats, this may be the choice for you. All you need is silicon and a good pair of hands for the installation! It is even simpler to repair. The top mount sink can be removed with relative ease. Compared to the other types of sinks, the countertop is left relatively undamaged when the sink has to be removed. This means that repair can be done faster and at a cheaper cost. Furthermore, in terms of getting a replacement sink, the homeowner does not have to worry about the size of the sinks (as long as it is not smaller than the previous sink) and the size of the cabinet underneath does not limit the ability to install another sink altogether.
The Under Mount
Similarly, visualize the sink being installed from underneath the cabinet. This gives the view that the edges of the sink are hidden underneath the countertop, while exposing the body of the sinks for you and your guests to marvel at. The under mount gives a more elegant and minimalist impression for the kitchen. Unlike the top mount, the edges of the sink do not jut out onto the countertop. This keeps the area on the countertop uniform to those who view it. Because this look is achieved with the upper portions of the sink hidden, it reveals as little of the sink as possible. Such arrangements are nifty because dirt and objects on the sink can be wiped or thrown directly into the drainage system. This could be a bad idea in the long run. However, do note that you will be restricted in terms of the sink size in terms of replacements as the hole is cut specifically for your old sink. While the under mount is easy to maintain, it is not easy to replace or repair.
The Hybrid
The hybrid is rare, expensive and perfect for those who envision their place to be a pretty picture of homogeneity. Visually, we have always imagined the sink to be either on top or below the countertop, but this time, the countertop becomes one with the sink. Literally, there are depressions in the countertop which forms the sink. This is the ultimate beauty, as throughout the countertop, it is made of the same material. Most of these have to be custom made, so you can literally get any size you want at the beginning of the sink planning process. However, the biggest caveat is that once the sink spoils, the sink will have to be cut into. This means that it is either you replace your sink with a top mount or bottom mount one, or spend the money to replace the whole countertop all over again.

When You Should Call Us

Material Fault
A cracked basin badly affects your sink’s ability to retain and hold water. While the crack in the sink can certainly be filled temporarily. Placing too many items in the cabinets near your sinks will add pressure onto the sink, causing it to potentially crack even more. Once your basin cracks due to material fault, we advise you not to place more pressure onto it and lighten its load before it causes more damage. Tell us immediately Republic Plumber specialty will advice you accordingly.
Chokages And Leakages
A sink choke is one of the most common faults that we experience. Solving it is relatively simple, but this is the main reason why we do not recommend you sweeping foreign items into the sink to conveniently wash them off. Foreign items that do not belong in the draining systems are always a risk to clog up your sink. To block it with foreign items may be potentially devastating. If you see waste and leakages from your walls, call us immediately and good Republic Plumbers will come and be at your service at once.
Mechanical Fault
Inexperienced plumbers sometimes fix the sinks and install the pipes in a less than optimal configuration. While this is usually not the most common cause of error that we have seen, such poor handiwork is surprisingly prevalent in the industry now. We can always help run a diagnostic test on the system feasibility. If your sink encounters low water pressure, let us know immediately.

What We Can Do?

Sink Installation
We are very experienced in executing the sink installation services in Singapore. More amazingly, we do installation of all types of sinks. Not just top mount and bottom mount, but we also do stainless steel, granite composite and cast iron. Let us know what the problem is, and we will fix it.
Sink Repair
If you realize any tell-tale symptoms, such as waste backflow, or wall leakage, be sure to inform us immediately. Such faults in the sink system, if left untreated, could lead to more devastating damage. Once signs of a bigger problem appear, or you cannot DIY fix it, let us know with little delay and we will rush over.
Sink Unclogging
If you see that your water pressure is low, or that you are unable to flush items down the sinks. Call us immediately and stop using the affected sink by cordoning it off or sticking a paper sign near the sink. Further usage will only damage the sink further. Before deciding to use a plunger, make sure you know what is causing the choke in the sink. If not, it is smarter and faster to let us, the Republic Plumber professionals, to diagnose your problem and unclog sink chokes for you.

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