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Types of Pipes

Cast Iron
Cast iron is the more expensive option out of the 3 most common pipes. However, it offers unparalleled advantages in terms of safety and noise cancellation. Cast Iron is the least flammable of all pipe materials. In addition, unlike PVC, cast iron is adept at noise cancellation due to its high natural density.
Copper is the most ductile and low maintenance of all pipes. Because it is ductile, copper pipes are usually used as the small pipes, as it eliminates material costs in that joints and elbows do not have to be installed separately. Copper does not take in materials from its surroundings, and its relative inertness firstly prevents external materials from mixing with the water it carries, and also is resistant to corrosion, thus explaining its low maintenance costs.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
These are your most cost-efficient set of pipes. Because they are made of synthesized plastics, they are easily recycled into separate plastic pipes which can be re-used again. PVC pipes are reported to have more than 100 years in terms of usage and does not degrade easily. PVC is light and strong and is also easy to install. If you stay in a HDB flat and are looking for a cheap option, this is likely the way to go.

Why Does Your Pipe Keep Being Faulty?

Foreign Items
The main culprit of the pipe choke is usually when the homeowners flush debris or foreign items into the pipe system. To raise an example, some examples of items that do not belong in pipes are towels, papers and large solid objects such as vases. While it may sound ludicrous that these items are found in pipes, these are actually the most common offenders as the cause of blockages. As a word of advice, keep in mind what you wash down sinks or flush down bowls, as objects will accumulate.
Poor Maintenance Of Floor Trap Or Filters
Items that go down into the pipe are usually blocked out or filtered by intrinsic filters, and these exist around the house as parts such as floor traps. Sometimes, even these traps, which are shaped like grilles in terms of functionality, may get completely blocked out. When that is the case, it will be an easier fix as all we need to do would be to get rid of the blocked item, large in surface area, to have completely choked the entire surface of the floor trap or grille.
One of the main reasons why your pipe keeps choking could have nothing to do with you at all. Sadly, if there is a high instance or trend of renovation happening around you, this could be the reason why your pipes do not work very well. While human waste could very well cause blockage, there are many instances where renovations or construction can leave chunks of cement inside your pipes, especially when there is a high incidence of shifting and edition of the existing pipe system. Such items include construction debris or foreign material, which are easily left behind if not checked properly.

Types Of Faults That We Deal With

Pipe Chokes
If your water levels are always up and down and you observe small waves at the surface of the water levels, you may be facing a pipe choke situation. Republic Plumbers in Singapore are well- versed in dealing with such a situation and we intend to keep you informed how exactly we plan to do it.
Pipe Leaks
Should you notice that water keeps dripping from your pipe, even with a running water source, your pipe might be defective. However, with Republic Plumbers around, this should not be a problem for long.

3 Reasons Why You Should Call Republic Plumber

Fast Response
We know that you need to solve your piping issues and do so quickly. Nothing beats having a technician ready to rush to your site and fix your worries. That is the Republic motto, where we give you top quality service in the blink of an eye. Rest assured that we will be rushing over once we know what your issue is.
Around The Clock, Always Around
What if your pipe chokes in the wee hours, but normal business hours are from 8.00am to 5.00pm? Here at Republic Plumbers, we aim to have you head out for work with a complete peace of mind. Thus, we make ourselves readily available at all hours and will arrange for services at any part of day. Should your case be serious enough, we will head down immediately and fix it for you!
In such a labor-driven industry, we tend to forget about the optimization of our tools and technology that can help sharpen how we identify and deal with facility defects. As a company, we make it a point to keep track of our empirical data, so that we may better advise you in terms of next steps or necessary materials. This ensures that Republic Plumber services can be more efficient in our operations.

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