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When Should You Repair Your Pipe Leakage

Curling Vinyl Flooring Or Loose Tiles Next To The Tub
Pipe leakage is pretty hard to detect, simply because the pipe is usually hidden deep in the walls or the floors. Usually, we do not really see water directly (if you do see water directly, the problem is already very serious), but there are other signs that we can detect. For example, if the vinyl flooring starts to curl or the tiles start to loosen near the tub, there is a high possibility that your pipe may be leaking underneath. This is because under the erosion of water, wooden or tile floorings can be damaged pretty easily. You may see glues being dissolved or wood being eroded etc. Do take note of these signs. If you see them, do contact your local professional plumbers immediately.
Peeling Paint Of Wood Finish
Another sign of pipe leakage is peeling paint. If your wooden floor is of good quality, the paint is actually more vulnerable than the wood itself. The paint surrounding the wood serves as a protection layer. Water leaked from your pipes tend to damage this protective layer first before it actually damages the wood itself. As a result, do get your local plumbers to fix the problems early before your entire wood floors are damaged.
Water Stains/Mould Spots
If you see water stains or mould spots, your pipe may be leaking. Especially if you keep cleaning these areas, but the stains and mould spots still come back. As we all know, stains and mould spots like wet areas. If the areas are generally kept dry from the top (i.e., we do not keep water there), there should be no reason that water stains or mould spots can form. As a result, when such things do form, it is usually because of the water underneath. How can water come from underneath the floor then? Most likely the water comes from your leaking pipes.

Why Should You Replace Or Repair Your Pipe Immediately?

Pest Infection
Pests like a wet environment. Usually, if the house floors are generally kept dry, pests do not like to inhabit there. However, if a pipe is leaking, the water from the pipe provides the vital source of inhabitation for pests, such as ants, cockroaches, and mice. If you leave the leaking pipes there without fixing them, there may be bigger problems like pest infestation. Then you will have to solve not only the peaking pipes but also the pests as well. As a result, please get your pipes fixed immediately once some problems surface.
Damaged Flooring
As we explain above, the floorings can be damaged by the water from leaking pipes. Some people may think that only wood floorings can be damaged. However, the truth is that any flooring may face problems if water accumulates beneath it. For example, marble flooring may have cracks and deep stains formed from water accumulation. Tiles may loosen once eroded by water. These are just some examples. The actual damage by leaking pipes also includes damage to walls or even furniture. As a result, do get your leaking pipes fixed as early as possible.
Unsanitary is an obvious point here. As water accumulates, germs can accumulate too. If pest infestation also occurs, more diseases can be spread. You do not want your house to be unclean. As a result, you can contact our highly trained plumbers early.

How We Fix It?

Inspection Of Parts And Diagnosis
As we usually cannot observe the leaked water directly, unless the problem of leaking pipes is already obvious. As a result, our professional technicians will inspect closely every single detail of the plumbing system. If we confirm that pipes are leaking, they also aim to detect at the same time, where the source of the problem is. Once the source of leakage is confirmed, we can then decide what kind of solutions we should provide, either sealing or replacing.
Sealing Of Parts
Sometimes simply sealing the pipes can solve the problem. If the leakage is small, we can use a special type of sealing materials to fill up the gap and solve the problem. We just need to turn off the plumbing system in the properties for a while and seal up the leaking parts. This method is cheaper, but if the leakage is significant, such method may not work. And admittedly, sealed parts may not function as well as the original version.
Installation/Replacement Of Pipe
Once the problem becomes serious, or we want a complete solution to prevent the similar problem arising again, we can do pipe replacement. This is more costly, but this can be a really long-term solution. Usually, once the pipes are replaced, no similar problem will arise again for a long time.

Three Reasons Why Us

We Provide The Most Professional Service
Pipe leakage is a complicated problem in plumbing. You need the most experienced plumbers to solve the problem. Usually, pipes are well hidden in the ground, so good observation skills are required to detect and spot the source of the problem. We provide the most professional services with the best plumbers in town.
We Respond Fast
As we explain above, plumbing problems need solutions immediately. Our plumbing teams make the quickest response and they are ready 24/7 for any customer needs. As a result, when you have a leaking pipe, you do not want to wait a few days for the problem to be fixed.
We Provide Guarantees
Leaking pipes can come back. As a result, only professional plumbing companies who are confident with our skills can guarantee that our workmanship is good.


Why can you be so confident about your pricing?
Republic Plumber is one of the largest plumbing service providers in Singapore. We are not only a conventional plumbing company but also an innovative company. We utilize the best management skills to ensure high labor utilization.
Why must I trust your skills?
Our plumbing specialists are the best. They are well equipped to address all sorts of plumbing-related problems. Furthermore, we aim to provide a 15-day guarantee for all our customers. As a result, you can stay assured of our ability and skills.
Are your plumbers good?
All our plumbers are certified with BCA (Building and Construction Authority).
When do you operate?
We are open 24/7 and 365 days. Our customers can contact us any time and any day!
How can you differentiate yourself?
We provide a one-stop solution for our clients; we ensure the most affordable pricing for our clients; we guarantee the best service qualities for our clients.
How swift is your service?
Lightning swift. We have 24/7 customer support team that ensures that we respond to any of your questions as fast as we can.

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