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What Kind Of Problem Can This Give You, Potentially

Choked piping is a common fault in your homes. Because it is relatively common, this is a problem that can be solved relatively easily with accessible tools. Pipe chokes are not a difficult problem, as long as you do not let the problem sit long enough to become one. The first step to combating the problem is always to understand the causes of the problem.
First and foremost, a choked pipe will build up pressure very easily. As the materials of pipes can vary, from those that can withstand the additional pressure easily, to those that are slightly flimsier. Should that be the case, the most direct consequence of a choked pipe left untreated for a lengthy period would be that the pipe bursts and releases the materials and contents on the pipe into the unsuspecting owner’s house, or the gaps below the floor for concealed pipes.
Damaged Flooring
The burst pipe causes a whole host of problems versus the common choked pipe. This is especially dangerous when the concealed pipe burst, releasing toxic, if not corrosive contents into the surrounding structure. One example of this is when the concealed pipes underneath wood flooring bursts, and the contents will erode the wood flooring on the underside over time, causing one side to be softer than the other. Once it absorbs water, there will be uneven expansion of the wood tiles, and this results in the wooden floor folding upwards, causing protrusions in the wooden floor of any home vulnerable.
Unpleasant Smell
The problem of the choked pipe is that it is due to accumulation of prolonged waste. Commonly, the proximity of the waste to the residential area is not much. Should the waste, human or commercial, be stuck for an extended period of time, there will be reports from residents or tenants of a foul smell that cannot be identified. These smells, coming due to a complex mix of wastes from different residential levels, is certain to be tough to get rid of. The longer the choked pipe is left untreated, the tougher and nastier the smell gets.

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

The most direct solution for a choke is a plunger, which works based on push and pull. A plunger works akin to a piston and applies the entirety of your pushing force on the clog. With enough force, the plunger will be able to dislodge the items causing the choke and allow air and water to flow through once again. However, the word of advice is that plungers should rarely be used immediately in the case of a pipe choke. This is because the items are rarely close to the pipe opening. If the item is large, the piston’s force may cause the item to move further into the piping pathway. The plunger should only be used if we can ascertain that the item is small, and close to the pipe opening.
High Pressure Jets
Some items that are fairly large and in direct line with the choked pipe can be dislodged, or even cut, with the high-pressure jet (HiJet). A HiJet machine is a very cost-effective method of getting rid of slightly larger choking agents, because the pressure it emits (even possible for it to cut through epoxy), can slice through many materials that are not concrete. This method can prevent the use of dissolution chemicals, which might harm the other parts of the pipe.
PVC/Copper Pipe Cutters
In the case where the waste causing the chokes are renovation or cement, we are left with no choice but to cut open the pipe to retrieve and remove the cause of the chokes. Hijet does not emit enough pressure to cut through concrete, and we will then require more space and more exposure to remove materials that are essentially stuck to the walls of the pipe. Republic Plumber professionalism will ensure that all the processes that we are described will be executed seamlessly.

3 Reasons Why Republic Plumber Is The Best

Our actions are reasoned and measured. If you want us to explain each of our actions to you, we will. We believe that the best customers are the customers that know best for themselves. We will let you know what we are doing every step of the way, so that you can rest easy, knowing that the professionals are in full control of the problem.
Hassle – Free
Because we know what we are doing, you can be certain that we will give you the complete customer experience. We will find out whatever we can, and only ask you the necessary questions. We understand how busy you can be most of the time and we know our clientele. We want you to focus fully on your work, while we deal with what we do best.
Once And Good
Our analysis likes to bring our attention to the root of the problem. We pride ourselves on the “we do it once, we do it good” principle, that hopefully, you would never get to see us for the same problem again. While we can do everything on the pipes, our aim is to fully educate you on how you can avoid running into the same pipe chokes again, and we sincerely hope that you take our word for it.

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