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What Is A Floor Trap Choke?

When you notice the foul smell coming from your floor trap and find the water overspilling from the trap, or while you are showering and realizing the water with no sign of lowering down, your floor trap is warning you of a trap choke inside! Floor trap choke is a common problem found in many households. Don't worry, let's take a look at the questions and answers listed below. Hopefully, they will guide you in the event of a floor trap choke.

Why Does Your Floor Trap Choke?

Obstruction By Grease Or Other Sediments
Similar to choked pipes, any grease or solid particle can cause trap choke. The fat and oil carelessly poured into the sink can accumulate over time and together with solid matter, they prevent the water from flowing freely. Many people seldom pay attention to what they flush into the trap until they encounter the worst situation-being unable to use their floor trap anymore. As a result, it is always necessary to take care of everything you are going to flush away, no matter you are in your bathroom, wash basin, or kitchen sinks.You are also encouraged to check your trap and pipe regularly. Try to clean the trap before the problem arrives right underneath your floor.
No Usage Of Toilet For An Extended Period Of Time
If you do not utilize the toilet for some time (for example, when you leave for an extended holiday), you may be highly surprised while opening the door of the bathroom. The foul smell from the floor trap may fill the room. What is going on here? The foul smell is an indicator of trap choke, due to the trapped foreign particles and the dirty liquid. Hence, you should try to flush and clean the trap. And also do not pour dirty water and improper objects into your toilet. Furthermore, please always remember to seal the trap before leaving for your holiday!

Why You Need To Take Care Of Floor Trap Choke Immediately

Important Component Of Plumbing System
As one of the essential sewer appurtenances in every house, floor trap plays a significant role in the plumbing system. It can help prevent foul gases and vermin from spreading diseases around the house. If any choke takes place, one of the most severe consequences will be the lost function of floor trap. Imagine that the bugs and insects (for example, cockroaches) live happily in your pipes, in a place far beyond the human sight.
Prevent Seeping Of Water
It is extremely unpleasant to face an ocean of accumulated overflowing water in your own home. However, you are likely to encounter this kind of situation if you detect a floor trap choke but do not take immediate actions. To prevent water from harming your property, for example, the walls and floors, floor trap choke should be dealt with great care.
Malfunctioning Of Plumbing System
Floor trap is a significant entrance to the piping systems for water and other waste. If the traps are not working anymore, two frustrating situations will take place. Firstly, you may be entirely unable to flush anything into the pipe. In this case, you can only watch desperately the water level rising higher and higher. However, if you manage to get the choke out, your pipes will be wide open to all size of waste. Subsequently, there may arise a sequence of other problems, for example, pipe chokes -- one of the most complicated issues possible in a plump household system.

3 Reasons Why You Should Call Company

Most Reliable
We are efficient and reliable mostly because of our experienced plumbing technicians. Their years of experiences can assist them in helping you solve your floor trap problem, feasibly and tidily. All our plumbing experts are Licensed under BCA (Building and Construction Authority). Hence, there is no doubt that our staff is the best you can find. You can give us your full trust in solving the plumping problem for you and your home.
Very Responsive
We are always ready to tackle the issues you bring as we have a committed team for you to reach out to. As a result, we are confident about solving your problems in the fastest way. We follow the principle of delivering our service such as sending professional analysis guides to you and suggesting you of what to do to your home's pumping system. We promise to finish this in 2 hours or even shorter after you call us.
Conveniently Reachable
If you still need plumbers for your problems, do not panic, our professional plumper is on his/her way now! We have the best at solving issues related to plumbing in Singapore. In this way, you do not even have to sweat and think about what you will do with the clogs inside a trap, for example. We ensure that we will solve your problem immediately. Please keep this in your mind: we are always here for you 24/7, if you face any problems with your floor trap, feel free to contact us at any time!

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