Top Tips To Manage Your Water Heater
And Lower Your Utility Bill

2nd August 2018

Evidently, not everybody is in a position to go out and purchase a new water heater that is more energy efficient because that kind of water heater might cost a fortune. However, we could all do something to use less water and electricity in the hopes of saving our monthly bill. Sometimes it is rather shocking that most well-known webpages on the website are those about solar water heaters. But knowing that water heating might account for approximately 12 percent of a household's utility charge, it actually should not be surprising that you wish to understand how to warm your water better. Whether you're looking for no-cost dependence changes, cheap purchases or enhancements, or massive investments such as fresh water heaters or appliances, we give you 7 solutions that might help you save a fortune on your utility bill through water heater:

1. Lower your showering time.
Plenty of people occasionally spend too much time in the shower to enjoy the warm water in general. Subsequently, they become reluctant to go out into the relatively cooler room temperature. To solve this, you can maintain the toilet door as tightly closed as possible. This appears to maintain the atmosphere much warmer; simply run the fan to look after the steam. Possessing a huge towel and large fluffy robe nearby helps too!

2. Take short showers rather than baths. A tub with just a couple inches of water may use a hell of a whole lot of water in case you've got one of these very big jetted bathtubs! A hot bath is a great luxury, but for everyday bathing stickusing a brief shower. And in the event that you're able to stand it, then you may even try turning the water off while soaping up, shampooing and shaving!

3. Reduce the temperature on your water heater to 45°C; for each and every 2°C decrease in temperatures, you can save as much as 5% on your water heating costs! I am sure that this is very self-explanatory. The water heater will save a huge deal of energy if it only needs to heat water to a lower temperature.

4. Put in a timer that shuts off your electric water heater through the night or days if you don't use it. You might also use the timer to switch off the water heater when your household uses a lot of electrical appliances. Using a water heater on top of a whole array of electrical appliances might end up blowing up your electrical bill.1.      

5. Attend to and fix small leaks immediately. This might not look like much, but this trickle calculator in the American Water Works Association puts it into perspective: in 60 drips per second, you squander 32.7 liters each day, 980 liters each month, and only over 11,935 liters each year! That's a huge deal of clean water simply going to waste! If you suspect that there is leakage but unsure whether your storage water heater is leaking or not, you are most welcome arrange with us for a free inspection. Subsequently, our plumbers will right away be at your service to fix any problems that are related to your water heater.
6. Consider buying a brand new water heater. Do not restrict yourself to only standard storage water heaters! There are several other efficient choices which may be perfect for you. You can always consult our customer services that can update and advice you about energy efficient water heaters that are currently in the market. Our plumbers will then gladly assist you in replacing and installing your recently purchased water heater.

7. You can install heat traps in your house’s water heater tank. By doing this you can save about $30 in your water heating bill. This is because heat traps will keep the warm water from flowing out through convection. This can be regarded as an effective way to insulate your water heater. You might require an expert to assist you install them onto your current tank, but usually newer storage water heaters have heat traps pre-installed on them. However, don’t worry! our plumbers are most certainly present all around to advice and help you install heat traps for the water heater in your household.

We hope that you can benefit from these 7 simple yet very often overlooked tips to manage your water heater for a lower utility bill. If you have any burning questions or comments we are more than happy attend to you. Contact us and our dedicated team of customer service will be at your service at a moment's notice.


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