How to choose the best Toilet Flush System for yourself!

14th May 2018

Since your new toilet is going to accompany you for ten years on average, it is incredibly worthy considering which kind of toilet to choose carefully. Other than configurations, toilet flushing ability is a significant factor in your choice of a toilet. We classify the flushing systems of a toilet into the gravitational toilet, and pressure resisted toilet, dual system……and more. These considerations are part of the Republic Plumber Methodology.


1. Gravity assist toilet

As the most common type of toilet flushing systems, gravity assist toilets have been popular for decades. To start flushing, press the push button or pulling the handle lever. Once you pull or press, the lift chain connected to the lever begins to move and open the flushing valve inside the tank. As soon as the flush valve is lifted, the water rushes down into the toilet bowl and flushes the waste through the under-toilet pipeline into a septic tank. After completing the flushing process, water supply pipe refills the tank until an in-built float shuts off the flow once the water level is sufficiently high. All these are the process of a flush.

Gravity assist toilets are famous for their high quality and relatively affordable prices. The relative longer history of gravity assist toilet has proved the reliability and high-performance of this type of toilet. Therefore, it always remains in the hearts of billions of toilet buyers. For regular users, this kind of toilet is always efficient enough to help you save your water bill. Also, repairing gravity assisted toilets is inexpensive and thus convenient for possible DIY lovers.

However, as this kind of toilet only depends on the force of gravity of water, the water level in the tank significantly decides the quality of the flush. For example, when the water level is lower than the standard level, the toilet will only eject a weak flow. To make sure you have a stable flushing power, some prefer ‘Pressure assisted toilet’.


2.Pressure-assisted toilet

The pressure assisted flushing system is relatively young on the market. We could only see pressure assisted toilet in the restaurant or shopping mall years ago. After the prices began dropping, more and more households decided to choose this type of toilet.

In pressure-assisted toilets, the flush was driven by a combination of water and air pressure. The toilets contain both water tank and a compression tank, with the compression tank located inside the water tank. When users press the button, the water tank fills with water and meanwhile, the compression tank is filled with compressed air. When the flushing process starts, pressurized air joins the force of gravity, and leads to a rapid and efficient emptying of the toilet bowl. The system sucks the waste through the waste pipes with a stronger force than traditional toilets.

The pros of pressure assist toilet are clear. First of all, it is more efficient than the traditional gravitational toilet with the additional force brought by compressed air. Secondly, the water consumption is smaller for pressure assist toilet, because the condensed air has replaced a significant amount of water. This may be good news for a purchaser with a tight budget. Furthermore, due to the tank-in-tank structure and compressed air, the toilet is usually smaller and more space-saving, which is suitable for a smaller bathroom.

However, the cons of pressure assist toilet are undeniable. There is no doubt that it can work smoothly for years, but more technology involved means that there are more possibilities that you need to repair it over time. The type costs more than gravity-flow models as well, and it contains some parts that are difficult to replace when the toilet goes wrong.

3. Dual-flush toilet

Duel-flush toilet used to be common for years in Europe and is gaining popularity gradually . It provides users different options for partial flushes or a full flush, thus handling solid or liquid differently to save water.

The dual-flush toilet is economical for users because of huge water saving without a significant amount of power loss. The mechanism that gravity and pressure assisted toilets use is far behind the efficiency of Dual-flush toilet. However, let us take a close look at the cons of dual-flush. First of all, the dual-flush is always criticized as unfriendly to the disabled and elderly because the design of dual flush causes the button to be hard to push. It is likely for the two buttons to jam together, or open together. Also, it is possible for dual flush toilets to leak after a short flash, thus causing more plumbing problems to your home.

No matter whether you are planning on purchases toilets for your home, or your office, we hope you can choose toilets with the suitable, robust, and long-last flushing system. We are here to help you achieve your perfect Toilet Reconstruction


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