Understanding Toilet Types in Singapore

21st April 2018

If you need to select a most significant item in your home, what will you choose? Most of the people have not realized that the toilet is indeed one of the essential elements in their houses. When buying the best toilet for one home, you need to consider features like flushing mechanisms, shapes, water-saving efficiency and easiness to clean of the toilets. When facing so many options to select from, a buyer usually finds it hard to choose the right and proper toilet. We hope that this article will help you choose a high-performance toilet given your budget and improve the quality of your bathroom experience. Our Singapore plumbing services will also help you with any toilet related problems you might encounter.



The configuration of the toilet is a vital factor that needs to be taken into account when choosing the toilet. There are different toilet configurations concerning various need. To suit the design of your bathroom and your budget, make sure your toilet has the right setup.


Squatting Pan

Also called  Indian Pan, Orissa Pan and also Asian pan toilet, a squatting pan is the most classic type of toilet. As its name tells, it can be used by squatting or bending down with knees, and all the forces that support you are the normal contact force from the ground. The popularity of squatting pan is decreasing because they are gradually replaced by modern water closet.

However, it is proven that squatting pan benefits its users’ health if it is used correctly. If you have a tight budget, maybe squatting pan is an excellent choice for you. It does not need extra accessories due to its distinctive design, and the average price for squatting toilets is usually much lower than most of the western water closet types of toilet. Also, if your bathroom is small, installing a squatting pan type of toilet is a wise decision, because most of the products are space-saving.

The disadvantages of purchasing a squatting pan toilet are also clear. Firstly, squatting pan is unfriendly for most of the elder people and is also not suitable for children. The use of squatting pan will inevitably deteriorate the kneel problem of the elderly. Furthermore, choosing a squatting pan means you can only select form a smaller range of designs, for the designs of squatting pans are almost the same.


The European Water Closet

The two-piece toilet consists of a separate ceramic tank and a toilet base. It is one of the most popular and common options. The weight of a two-piece toilet is usually around 25 to 45 kilograms and varies from design to design. Made up of two pieces, it is easy for DIYers to bring them home and install them. Also, purchasing a two-piece toilet may help you minimize all the worries for flushing. Due to the specially designed closed rim method, the powerful water can achieve your expectations of flushing almost all the time.


One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet consists of a single seamless unit with the flush tank attached to the body of the toilet. Both of the tank and toilet are made of ceramic material and fused together. Advantages of the one-piece toilet are due to its seamless design. The leakage problem is effectively stopped, and unlike two-piece toilet, the lack of crevices of the toilet body can save your time of cleaning the dirt and odors.


In-Wall Toilets

In-wall toilets can perfectly satisfy the needs of a minimalist. The hidden-away toilet tank is installed inside the wall and can provide a luxe look for your bathroom, and also, it saves space.

However, before purchasing one in-wall toilet, you need to consider your budget, due to the extra construction cost. Also, do think twice about the in-wall plumbing arrangement before opening the wall. This can help you get a better plan for your bathroom design.


Smart Toilet

The smart toilet may be your best choice if you are a technophile and have an abundant budget. Usually, this latest product in the market is comprised of a specially designed ceramic toilet attached to the electronic seat cover which makes the smart toilet ‘smart.’ Some of this type of toilets can play music and automatically open the seat covers when people approach. Users may also be able to set the temperature and the pressure of the water jet, as well as the imputed warm air dryer. Purchasing a smart toilet may bring you a brand-new bathroom user experience.


High-Tank Toilets

Do you want your toilet to be noticeable? High-tank toilets may be the best option for those who want to bring an old-time charm to their bathroom. Many people prefer the high-tank toilets not only for their configuration but also the comfort it provides to the users because of its unique design. In fact, high-tank toilets are the same as two pieces toilet, despite the fact that they are more expensive than the normal two-piece toilet.


After reading the article about toilet configuration, do you feel more confident when choosing your toilet? Making a good purchase choice can help save a significant amount of energy. Also, although we also provide the best toilet bowl repair in Singapore, choosing a great toilet from the start can reduce the risk of damages greatly. We hope you can find the toilet most suitable for you!

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