Appealing Kitchens - From Sinks to Bowls

17th March 2018

Do you want to make your kitchen look unique and fashionable? Do you want to choose a high-quality sink with a relatively lower price? Also, do you want a tub with less trouble in installation and repair? Since kitchen sink might be one of the most frequently used facilities in some houses, it is crucial for you to choose an excellent kitchen sink and have reliable Singapore HDB plumbers to install it for you.


Types of sinks

Your taste decides what your kitchen is going to be like! Match it with the surroundings styles of the sink, and feel free to choose one that can bring you happiness when you are doing mundane housework-- washing plates.

The Farmhouse style sink with a single deep bowl can add a traditional atmosphere to your kitchen. If you are a country kitchen lover and eager to see the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity in your home, the farmhouse style might be the best choice for you. However, with the faucet installed on the countertop or wall, this style may damage your countertop and cabinet through water drops.

A more economical option-- top mount sink, also called as drop-in and self-rimming sink, is installed above the countertop and usually, its lip overlaps with the countertop. This kind of sink may not be as good-looking as the Farmhouse style. Nonetheless, it is indeed an excellent choice for a tight budget. Because it works well with any kinds of countertops, you do not need to pick a particular countertop just to match your sink. There is one more thing you need to be aware of before buying this type of sink: it is relatively easy for the top-mount sink to collect gust around its lip. As a result, housekeepers may find it hard to conduct a thorough spring cleaning.

The under mounted sink may also be a good choice for you if you want the kitchen to be stylish and sleek. The under mounted sinks are usually installed below the countertop. The advantages of this kind of sink are distinct-- the slightly lowered sink enables you to wipe all the kitchen rubbish from the counter surface directly into the sink. Also, unlike top mount sinks, there are no lips to catch and store the dirt.  However, they usually are more expensive than the high mount sinks. Solid surface materials including granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete are necessary for you to support the sink and other (and maybe cheaper) material like laminate may not be strong enough.


Sink Materials

The capability of the sink strongly depends on its material. Every material has their advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential for you to make a wise choice.

The number of people who will use the sink and the type of the cooker in the kitchen both count. A big family’s and a couple's demands for the material of sink are considerably different.  Maybe the stainless steel is the best bet for the family because of its durability and longevity on quality sinks, and its affordable price. In spite of the stainless steel, the stone's durable surface may also provide a possible solution for a big family.


Number of Bowls

The limitations of your kitchen space usually conclude the depth and size of your sink, which will decide the number of bowls after all. You can easily find these two kinds of sinks: single bowl and double bowl.

You can quickly soak and wash a big pot in the relatively more extensive and deeper single bowl, and prepare a bounteous meal for your family. Also, the individual basin takes smaller space in your kitchen. It is probably more suitable for a more modest house to own a single sink.

However, the single bowl may cause water detergent wastage and may not be as multifunctional as double bowls.

You can find a great many of sizes and configurations of double bowls sink in the market. No matter they are two basins in same size and shape or they contain two entirely different sizes and shapes, the homeowners can always enjoy not only more space but also the more versatility brought by double bowls. For instance, you can use one bowl for the food preparation while one bowl for washing the pot. While doing the cleaning, one basin can be used for garbage disposal while the other can still function as washing point.


In a nutshell, sink type, bowl configurations, and material are of great significance for you to choose a suitable sink for your family and your house. As an important module used almost every day in your house, please remember to do your calculations when buying it. Lastly, clogged sink in Singapore happens rather frequently so be sure to take good care of your new sink!

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