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"Efficient and polite plumbers at a reasonable price. They respond fast and efficiently. My experience with Republic Plumber has been great! Our company fully recommends Republic Plumber!"
"Republic Plumber was very efficient - easy to book, and the plumbers diagnosed our problem quickly. Our pipe was fixed within 24 hours after we quoted online!"
"I am very satisfied with Republic Plumber honestly. The old handyman in our office used to create so much trouble. Now with the man management by Republic Plumber, everything is great!"

Our Top-Notch Services

Clear Chokes

Choked sinks or pipes can be annoying and can even cause damages to your property. If there is trouble, Republic Plumbers guarantee seamless sink services in Singapore, In addition to pipe servicing, we can also clear the choked pipes or drains in no time.

Solve Leakage

Pipe leakages, regardless of volume, encourage the growth of insects and leave the entire environment toxic. Our advice is to stop the leakages as soon as possible due to the impacts that long terms leak can have. Protect yourself and your family by engaging Republic Plumbers now!

Repair & Replace

Home appliances are prone to damages and wear and tear. Our plumbers are well trained to solve issues for all sorts of appliances covering toilet sinks, piping and water heaters in Singapore. We are able to cover all types of sanitary appliances for your needs.


We install and repair all sorts of pipes and water systems, aiming to give our customers zero worries. Our experience ranges from the installation of simple sanitary systems, to complex pipe systems for buildings. Tell Republic Plumbers what you need today.

Your One-Stop Shop

We are dedicated to provide you with a complete customer experience.
Fast Response
We understand that any plumbing problem can be extremely urgent, so Republic Plumber fastest fix always aim to provide the quickest response possible. Here are what offer you within 2 hours after calling or submitting the form:
  1. a. We will conduct a preliminary diagnosis based on your descriptions of the situation.
  2. b. We then shall inform you of any concrete actions that you can take (Do's and Don'ts) given the current situation.
  3. c. We will also be scheduling with our plumbing specialists to visit your place as soon as possible.
Professional Technicians Response
Our plumbering specialists are well trained and will fulfill any plumbing requirements you have. In fact, in order to provide an excellent service quality, all of our plumbers are:
  1. a. Licensed under BCA (Building and Construction Authority).
  2. b. Efficient and polite in handling all sorts of plumbing requests.
Customer Support
On top of our plumbing specialists' excellent service, our dedicated customer support also provides you with a complete coverage of various issues that you can face:
  1. a. In order for our clients to be worry-free, we provide up to 15 Days guaranteed after our service. If the same issue caused by the same problem surfaces again within 15 days after service, we provide free re-service.
  2. b. Our customer support is run 24/7, given the sheer size of our client base. We are always here for you no matter when you need us.

Our Superior Service

Normal Plumbing
Why the typical service just does not cut it.

Symptoms Based

The typical plumber will repair faults based on the reported and what they see on face value. For example, a plumber who gets called in to unclog a sink will solve the problem directly. However, the inexperienced plumber usually does not take the initiative to check thoroughly for the source of the problem including mechanical faults.


The typical plumber is a freelance one-man shop, or a big corporation. The solutions that are given by them are usually derived from experience. While that is fine, this means that solutions provided are usually taken from a set of fixed procedures. This means that for bigger projects, where systems are more complex, this solution either becomes unusable, or more response times has to be spent to produce a more specific solution


Most plumbers are specialists. That is, they know best to fix a sink, a pipe, or a heater, but rarely specialize in all three. This means that your neighborhood plumber is not likely to be able to deliver complete and integrated plumbing services. They are most likely to do a good job for one, but not a perfect one for the other.
Republic Plumbing
How we serve you better with the Republic Systems Workflow (RSW).

Systems based

The Republic Plumber methodology is one that is focused on the system maintenance and full diagnostics. We tell you what exactly is wrong with the said facility, and also explain ways in which you can prevent the same error again. While we love to serve you, we believe that the less you see of us, the better news for you. We focus on the convenience of you.

Specialized and customized

The Republic Workflow’s value add is being specific and careful with our clients. With every single request, we believe that the wirings, the placement desires and the systems in each house is significantly different. We pay attention and tailor each of our solutions quickly, with a specialized inspection module, done on site. What we pride ourselves is the ability to quickly diagnose, quickly reiterate and quickly quote a competitive price for all our clients.

All Encompassing

The Republic value add is to deliver full and complete services to our clients. From everything from toilet plumbing sevices, to wall hacking and installation, we have trained personnel who are able to specialize together and ensure a strong flow of know-how and knowledge. Our supervisors are specially trained and cross trained all types of plumbing work, and we want to be able to do everything for the comfort of our clients.

Our Rates

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 How do you guarantee affordable ratesrates?
As one of the biggest plumbing providers in Singapore, the sheer volume of services that we provide, coupled with our most efficient use of materials and manpower, allow us to have the lowest costs possible in the market.
What if plumbing problems occur again?
Your purchase of our services means our provision of 15-day workmanship guarantee.
How qualified are your plumbers?
Professionally trained and certified with BCA (Building and Construction Authority).
Are you reachable during public holidays?
Yes. We are open 24/7 and 365 day a year.
What makes you different from other plumbing companies?
We provide a one-stop solution for our clients,  ensure the most affordable prices for our clients and guarantee the best service qualities for our clients.
Do you respond fast?
Our 24/7 customer support team ensures that we respond to any of your enquiries promptly.

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